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Second Suite Information Hub



Toronto City Council passed the bylaw permitting Second Suites city-wide in 1999.  The bylaw was appealed to the Ontario Municipal Board.  The OMB held public hearings and received submissions from numerous community organizations both for and against the proposed bylaw.  In the end,  the OMB ordered that the bylaw be amended to reflect minor changes, Bylaw No. 493-2000 (OMB).

Landlord's Self-Help Centre has worked tirelessly to promote Second Suites across the city.  The Centre has received funding from the Supporting Communities Partnership Initiative program and the City of Toronto over the past five years to develop educational materials and reach out to homeowners and communities to let them know of the benefits of Second Suites.  A strong focus of our project has been to inform and educate homeowners and small-scale landlords on their rights and responsibilities with respect to the creation and/or upgrade of a Second Suite.  

The Second Suite Information Hub was developed by Landlord's Self-Help Centre to promote the creation and upgrade of Second Suites in Toronto.  It feature a broad array of information that is aimed at helping homeowners, tenants and communities better understand the value of  Second Suites.

Second Suites ... good for homeowners, good for tenants, good for communities